IEP Answers Launch Press Release

IEP Answers Launches to Empower and Prepare Parents for Their Child’s IEP/504 Meeting


IEP Answers, a veteran-owned startup rethinking the Individualized Education Program/504 Plan process, announced its launch as a critical partner for parents seeking assistance in the IEP or 504 process for their student.


Navigating annual IEP/504 meetings is challenging, with confusing jargon that can make the process feel like learning a new language. IEP Answers breaks down the process into a parent friendly format to increase confidence heading into IEP/504 meetings. Whether an IEP or 504, IEP Answers provides an expert review of a student’s individualized plan with identified positives and recommendations that parents can bring to the team for consideration. With tools from IEP Answers, parents can be an active team member in the IEP/504 process.


“As the father of a child with Autism, I saw firsthand the frustration and struggle the IEP/504 process can cause families,” said Scott Herman, founder of IEP Answers. “7 million U.S. families face this struggle each year. I believed there had to be a better way. We assembled an amazing team and created that better way – IEP Answers.”


Through IEP Answers’ proprietary system, parents can receive the Essential IEP Review gaining resources to succeed in their IEP/504 meeting. Users simply upload their child’s information that is securely shared with our state licensed reviewers. Conducted by a local expert, the results of the Essential IEP Review offer a non-biased review in plain language about a student’s services and/or supports.


The Essential IEP Review costs just $249 and is recommended annually or as needed. IEP Answers is available for scheduled follow-up calls so parents can connect with experts once a review is completed. Professionals on staff are also available for additional related services, including speech therapy, occupational therapy and physical therapy as needed. IEP Answers currently offers services in Ohio, Michigan, South Carolina and North Carolina.


IEP Answers’ goal is to provide parents peace of mind their child is receiving adequate support to match his or her needs,” said Herman. “Our Essential IEP Review includes review of IEP/504 and recommendations by local educational experts. This gives the parents the tools to be the best advocate and team member for their child.”


If our professionals feel they cannot help families, IEP Answers offers a 100% refund. By using our technology and expert team of professionals, IEP Answers can help families as the most affordable resource for IEP and 504 help.


For more information, visit and get started with the IEP Essential Review today.